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Journal d'un nomade

Journal d'un nomade

Restless, shifting, fugacious as time itself is a certain vast bulk of the population of the red brick district of the lower West Side. Homeless, they have a hundred homes. They flit from furnished room to furnished room, transients forever - transients in abode, transients in heart and mind. They sing "Home, Sweet Home" in ragtime; they carry their lares et penates in a bandbox; their vine is entwined about a picture hat; a rubber plant is their fig tree. (O. Henry)



طلبتُ المُسْتَقَرّ بكلّ أرضٍ فلم أَرَلي بِأرضٍ مُسْتَقَرّا

Abul'Atahia أبوالعتاهية

Traduction :

J'ai cherché partout ma terre promise

Mais aucune contrée ne me stabilise

Everywhere I sought a homeland

But my dream was built on sand

Cercai ovunque un indirizzo fisso

Ahimè mio sogno cadde nell'abisso

Busqué estabilidad en cada lugar

Pero jamás encontré mi hogar

Freie Übersetzung:

Ich suchte eine Heimat in jedem Land

Aber nirgendwo mein Behagen fand

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