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Journal d'un nomade

Journal d'un nomade

Restless, shifting, fugacious as time itself is a certain vast bulk of the population of the red brick district of the lower West Side. Homeless, they have a hundred homes. They flit from furnished room to furnished room, transients forever - transients in abode, transients in heart and mind. They sing "Home, Sweet Home" in ragtime; they carry their lares et penates in a bandbox; their vine is entwined about a picture hat; a rubber plant is their fig tree. (O. Henry)


Translation of Rumi's verses

These verses are the free translation of a translation. The original verses are in Persian. Since I don’t speak Persian, I translated them freely from German into English. The German version was written by the late German Orientalist Annemarie Schimmel.

The friend’s secret should be kept in the dark

Just listen to the thousand tales after Noah’s Ark

Legends and fables proved to be the best way

To understand what the friend wanted to say

Des Freunds Geheimnis möge niemand lichten -

Du horche auf den Inhalt der Geschichten!

In Sagen, Märchen aus vergangnen Tagen

Läßt sich des Freunds Geheimnis besser sagen !

The tongue is like the lid of a cooking-pot

If moved, the meal reveals itself on the spot

For the smart, steam itself can easily tell

If the food will sweet or sour smell

Die Zunge gleicht dem Deckel auf dem Topf -

Wenn sie bewegt wird, weißt du, was da kocht.

Denn aus dem Dampf spürt der Gescheite gleich,

Ob’s süße Speise ist, ob saurer Brei.

Mawlana Jaleleddine Rumi

(Translated from German into English by O. K. )

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